How To Start With Beginners Bodybuilding?

When you start on a project, you have to make a beginning somewhere. This also holds true for bodybuilding and fitness. Always start from the ground and gradually move to middle and higher levels. Do not try to rush into the middle or top level from the start. It will result in injuries and you will fail to achieve your bodybuilding goals. You will suffer from muscle tear and stop doing your workouts thinking it does not work for you. When you start with the basic plan, you can slowly move up successfully. Do not try to build size fast. It is good only for experienced bodybuilders and not for beginners. Your goal is to gain weight and size but you have to follow the due process.

A few decades back, workouts for bodybuilding were limited to three days a week. Bodybuilders would work on the upper body on one day and the next workout session was limited to working on the lower part of the body. There was sufficient time for the body to rest and heal so the gains were pretty good. Now it has evolved into an advanced form but the basic exercises are not that complex. Start with two exercises for each body part. You can do three sets that include 8 to 12 reps each. It is up to you what type of exercises you select for the basic workout plan. Take help of dumbbell flies and bench press for the chest exercises. Use a pressing movement for the shoulders and then move to lateral raise movement.

At this level, there is no need to do too many exercises because even the simple exercises will work on other body parts as well. Include pulldown and seated pull movements when working on the back. It should have some sets and reps as earlier exercises. For working on arms, you can include cable curls and triceps push downs. To work on legs, include leg extensions, leg curls, and calf and leg presses. You can do these exercises in three sets each. Initially, you may be able to do maximum 12-15 reps. It is sufficient for a beginner’s bodybuilding routine also make sure to check out pre workout supplements online.

For abs, start with abs leg raises. It will work on complete core and help you gain definition. Finish your workout with cardio exercise for 20 minutes. It can be a treadmill exercise. This is a classic bodybuilding workout regimen for beginners. Over time your body will adapt to three weeks of workouts. Before you become bored doing same set of exercises again and again, you should substitute exercises. For example, in place of dumbbell flies, you can go for cable crossovers. More info at pre workout supplements for women site.

Once you feel your body is set to this workout regimen, you can move to four days a week routine of workouts. You can start doing more numbers of sets and reps. Very soon you will start seeing desired changes in your physique. It is important that while working so hard on your bodybuilding training, you also eat proper and nutritious meals. You have to work hard not only in the gym but also in the kitchen for good fitness results.