What’s In Your Preferred Pre Workout Supplement?

Pre-workout shakes are one of the fastest-growing branches in the supplement market today. And this makes sense, especially when the critical one-hour window before a training session comes to mind. Your body needs plenty of nutrients if it’s going to function at an optimal level.

Why Do You Need a Pre-Workout Shake?

A pre-workout shake provides fuel for your muscles as you train. This helps minimize oxidation and breakdown. Besides, the supplements could also help you burn more calories. While this isn’t proven scientifically, some experts attribute it to the added metabolic effects of pre workout supplements.

So if you’re aiming to build lean muscle and minimize your exposure to injury while working out, you might want to invest in a quality pre-workout shake. When shopping, look for one with plenty of amino acids; these are the building blocks that facilitate muscle development. According to experts, whey protein is the best source of these nutrients. This is usually absorbed quickly by the body, which means it’s able to use the nutrients during and immediately after exercising. Some of the highlights you can expect from this shake include:

-Enhanced energy levels

-Quicker recovery

-An enhanced ability to increase your workout intensity

-Great taste

Does your Best Pre Workout Shake Contain These Ingredients?

Pre-workout drinks may contain a handful of extra ingredients to suit different fitness goals and taste preferences. Such include:

-Taurine: This is an amino acid whose main purpose is to combat oxidative stress. There’s also evidence to suggest that taurine may enhance insulin sensitivity, besides helping overweight individuals burn fat. For taurine to impact cell function, doses larger than 1g are required.

-Tyrosine: This amino acid acts as a precursor for NE (norepinephrine), a hormone that works in the brain to stimulate metabolism. Intense physical activity is known to deplete levels of this hormone, which in turn leads to a dip in performance. Supplementing with tyrosine can enhance cognitive performance during intense workouts.

-Carbs: Choosing the best pre workout supplement containing carbs will ensure your body has enough fuel for exercise. That said, you probably won’t need to consume carbohydrates before a workout if your goal is to burn fat.

-Electrolytes: Your body will lose lots of vital minerals in the form of sweat when you’re physically active. Providing electrolytes like potassium, sodium and magnesium is crucial in replacing what you lose from sweating. If your workout session is less than an hour away, they probably won’t do much, but are still an added bonus.

In order to find a suitable pre-workout formula, you may need to invest a significant amount of resources towards experimenting. And when you find the perfect solution, you’ll gradually start to see the benefits. Besides having a steady flow of energy during your workout, you’ll also be able to recover faster and reduce muscle breakdown.